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 1Ws  1FCX Live Zoom Soccer Workout - 5-20-2020 (12 mins - 1 min/skill:30 secs rest)
 2outside outside  2FCX Live Zoom Soccer Workout - 5-27-2020 (14 mins - 1 min/skill:30 secs rest)
 3roll inside stop  3FCX Live Zoom Soccer Workout - 6-3-2020 (20 mins - 1 min/skill:30 secs rest)
 4sole tap behind the heel  4Ball Mastery - Improving Speed and Agility (20 mins)
 5outside outside roll  5Ball Mastery - Fast Feet (10 mins)
 6sole tap up and back  6Ball Mastery - Footskill At-Home Workout (10 mins)
 7behind the standing leg outside & inside  7Footskill Blast
 8roll left tap right & roll right tap left  8Improving Confidence on the Ball
 9sticky tape right & left  91000 Touch Home Workout
10inside outside & inside inside 10Tight Space Ball Mastery
11sole outside & sole inside 111000 Touch Workout - Advanced
12pull behind leg 12Mini Maestro Foot Skills Pt 1
13 V outside 13Mini Maestro Foot Skills Pt 2
14roll between feet 14Mini Maestro Foot Skills Pt 3
15inside/outside touches 15Mini Maestro Foot Skills Pt 4
16slide & roll 16Mini Maestro Foot Skills Pt 5
17cross back 1712 Essential Footwork Skills
18triangle step 18Beginner Ball Mastery
19push pull 19Fast footwork in a box #1
20box step 20 Fast footwork in a box #2
   21 Fast footwork in a box #3
   22 Fast footwork in a box #4
   23IYSA Isolated Technical Training Series - 1
   24IYSA Isolated Technical Training Series - 2
   25IYSA Isolated Technical Training Series - 3


1v1 MOVES 
 1cone dribbling - inside outside right/inside outside left  11v1 move - scissors  1change of direction move - Cruyff turn  1dribbling fitness - figure 8 dribbling - right foot only & left foot only 
 2cone dribbling - alternate rolls & tic toc rolls  21v1 move - pull behind leg  2change of direction move - inside/outside cuts  2dribbling fitness - figure 8 dribbling - inside feet only / outside feet only / both feet
 3cone dribbling - double tap right & double tap left  31v1 move - V / Puskas  3change of direction move - hook turn  3dribbling fitness - Brazilian box
 4cone dribbling - inside foot V cut & outside foot V cut  41v1 move - fake shot with V  change of direction move - Hagi  4dribbling fitness - ladder turns
 5cone dribbling - outside outside & outside inside  5Footskills with Alex Morgan  change of direction move - pull-back  5dribbling fitness - 4 gate speed dribbling
 6cone dribbling - inside pull push left & right  630 1v1 moves (includes #1-#4 above plus more)  change of direction move - stop, hop, & go  6dribbling fitness - sprint with Ronaldinho dribbling
 7cone dribbling - sole roll stop & sole rolls  Top 5 nutmegs      7dribbling fitness - square in a square 
 8cone dribbling - toe taps forward & backward          8dribbling fitness - zig zag dribbling
 9cone dribbling - 5 essential dribbling skills            
10cone dribbling - individual dribbling skills   

Tactical Content / Position Specific Training

Full Back/Outside Back Training 1Role of the Defensive Mids in Possession Role of the Forward
2Tips for Better Defending Becoming A Smart Midfielder-ft Kevin De Bruyne
 Wing Play
1v1 Defending Role of the Attacking Midfielder
 Be A Better Winger
How To Defend Fast Players
 Role of the Defensive Midfielder
 Playing The False 9
Athletico Madrid- Secrets to Defensive Perfection
 Making Blindside Runs
 Improving Field Intelligence
Pep Guardiolas Build Up Play
 Training for Center Mids
 How a Striker Should Move 
How To Counter Attack  Improving Passing
 Finishing Training 
Harry Maguire  Sergio Busquets - Disguise Passes
 Harry Kane 
Virgil Van Dijk
 Cristiano Ronaldo Zlatan Ibrahimovic 
 3Edouard Mendy | Strengths & Weaknesses | Player Analysis - YouTube Raheem Sterling    
    4Analysis of Jorginho's Penalty Technique - YouTube   
Pep Guardiola - Basis and Advanced Tactics 1Penetration - dribbling Pressure - 1v1 defending
Barcelona Possession Analysis Penetration - passing Pressure - 1v1 defending tips
3Attacking Zones and Decision Making Penetration - shooting Cover
Creating Chances Support Balance
Taking Risks Support - combination play Compact
Making An Impact Creating width   
Playing Positive  Creativity   
Off the Ball Movement/Decision Making Mobility - watch Mueller's movement off the ball   
Decision-making - watch how many times #8 checks his surroundings Advice on taking chances when attacking   
10 Practice and perseverance      
11 Player attitude - Robin Van Persie interview      
12What makes a good soccer player      
13 5 good habits to learn from pro players      
14 How to captain your team      
15 Jurgen Klopp advice      





 Match Performance Analysis Episode One | Creating Chances | Right Wing (White #10) - YouTube
Match Performance Analysis Episode 2 | Taking Risks | Right Wing (Blue/Yellow #10) - YouTube
Match Performance Analysis Episode 3 | Making an Impact | Right Midfield (Blue/Yellow #10) - YouTube
Match Performance Analysis Episode 4 | Playing Positive | Right Wing/Left Wing Blue #7 - YouTube
Match Performance Analysis Episode 5 | Off Ball Movement & Decision Making | Orange/White #10 - YouTube
Match Performance Analysis Episode 6 | Keeping Possession | Right/Left Wingback Blue #7 - YouTube


Contact Us

Barrington Area Soccer Association

110 S. Hager St, Suite 203
Barrington, Illinois 60010

Phone: 847-381-2272
Email: [email protected]

Barrington Area Soccer Association

110 S. Hager St, Suite 203
Barrington, Illinois 60010

Phone: 847-381-2272
Email: [email protected]
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