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 1Ws  1FCX Live Zoom Soccer Workout - 5-20-2020 (12 mins - 1 min/skill:30 secs rest)
 2outside outside  2FCX Live Zoom Soccer Workout - 5-27-2020 (14 mins - 1 min/skill:30 secs rest)
 3roll inside stop  3FCX Live Zoom Soccer Workout - 6-3-2020 (20 mins - 1 min/skill:30 secs rest)
 4sole tap behind the heel  4Ball Mastery - Improving Speed and Agility (20 mins)
 5outside outside roll  5Ball Mastery - Fast Feet (10 mins)
 6sole tap up and back  6Ball Mastery - Footskill At-Home Workout (10 mins)
 7behind the standing leg outside & inside  7Footskill Blast
 8roll left tap right & roll right tap left  8Improving Confidence on the Ball
 9sticky tape right & left  91000 Touch Home Workout
10inside outside & inside inside 10Tight Space Ball Mastery
11sole outside & sole inside 111000 Touch Workout - Advanced
12pull behind leg 12Mini Maestro Foot Skills Pt 1
13 V outside 13Mini Maestro Foot Skills Pt 2
14roll between feet 14Mini Maestro Foot Skills Pt 3
15inside/outside touches 15Mini Maestro Foot Skills Pt 4
16slide & roll 16Mini Maestro Foot Skills Pt 5
17cross back 1712 Essential Footwork Skills
18triangle step 18Beginner Ball Mastery
19push pull 19Fast footwork in a box #1
20box step 20 Fast footwork in a box #2
   21 Fast footwork in a box #3
   22 Fast footwork in a box #4
   23IYSA Isolated Technical Training Series - 1
   24IYSA Isolated Technical Training Series - 2
   25IYSA Isolated Technical Training Series - 3


1v1 MOVES 
 1cone dribbling - inside outside right/inside outside left  11v1 move - scissors  1change of direction move - Cruyff turn  1dribbling fitness - figure 8 dribbling - right foot only & left foot only 
 2cone dribbling - alternate rolls & tic toc rolls  21v1 move - pull behind leg  2change of direction move - inside/outside cuts  2dribbling fitness - figure 8 dribbling - inside feet only / outside feet only / both feet
 3cone dribbling - double tap right & double tap left  31v1 move - V / Puskas  3change of direction move - hook turn  3dribbling fitness - Brazilian box
 4cone dribbling - inside foot V cut & outside foot V cut  41v1 move - fake shot with V  change of direction move - Hagi  4dribbling fitness - ladder turns
 5cone dribbling - outside outside & outside inside  5Footskills with Alex Morgan  change of direction move - pull-back  5dribbling fitness - 4 gate speed dribbling
 6cone dribbling - inside pull push left & right  630 1v1 moves (includes #1-#4 above plus more)  change of direction move - stop, hop, & go  6dribbling fitness - sprint with Ronaldinho dribbling
 7cone dribbling - sole roll stop & sole rolls  Top 5 nutmegs      7dribbling fitness - square in a square 
 8cone dribbling - toe taps forward & backward          8dribbling fitness - zig zag dribbling
 9cone dribbling - 5 essential dribbling skills            
10cone dribbling - individual dribbling skills   

Tactical Content / Position Specific Training

Full Back/Outside Back Training 1Role of the Defensive Mids in Possession Role of the Forward
2Tips for Better Defending Becoming A Smart Midfielder-ft Kevin De Bruyne
 Wing Play
1v1 Defending Role of the Attacking Midfielder
 Be A Better Winger
How To Defend Fast Players
 Role of the Defensive Midfielder
 Playing The False 9
Athletico Madrid- Secrets to Defensive Perfection
 Making Blindside Runs
 Improving Field Intelligence
Pep Guardiolas Build Up Play
 Training for Center Mids
 How a Striker Should Move 
How To Counter Attack  Improving Passing
 Finishing Training 
Harry Maguire  Sergio Busquets - Disguise Passes
 Harry Kane 
Virgil Van Dijk
 Cristiano Ronaldo Zlatan Ibrahimovic 
   Raheem Sterling    
Pep Guardiola - Basis and Advanced Tactics 1Penetration - dribbling Pressure - 1v1 defending
Barcelona Possession Analysis Penetration - passing Pressure - 1v1 defending tips
3Attacking Zones and Decision Making Penetration - shooting Cover
Creating Chances Support Balance
Taking Risks Support - combination play Compact
Making An Impact Creating width   
Playing Positive  Creativity   
Off the Ball Movement/Decision Making Mobility - watch Mueller's movement off the ball   
Decision-making - watch how many times #8 checks his surroundings Advice on taking chances when attacking   
10 Practice and perseverance      
11 Player attitude - Robin Van Persie interview      
12What makes a good soccer player      
13 5 good habits to learn from pro players      
14 How to captain your team      
15 Jurgen Klopp advice      


Barrington Area Soccer Association

110 S. Hager St, Suite 203
Barrington, Illinois 60010

Phone: 847-381-2272
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