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Barrington Area Soccer Association

Parent Code of Conduct and Tips

Parent/ Guardian Code of Conduct

  1. We will exemplify good sportsmanship.
  2. We will be supportive and positive offering encouragement to our child and his or her teammates.
  3. We will be positive role models.
  4. We will let the coach do the coaching.
  5. We will not yell at the referee or question the call. We will treat the officials as we would treat our child.
  6. We will also treat the opposing team and their fans with respect.
  7. We will look for our child to develop his or her skills and team play while de-emphasizing winning.
  8. We will remember that the game is for the children. We want to make sure that they are having fun.
  9. If we cannot abide by this code, we will not be able to attend our child’s games.


BASA’s Top 10 List for Soccer Parents

1. Remember that this is just a game.
2. Make sure that your child is having fun.
3. Our Referees are young adults.
4. Don’t question the referees calls, and please treat them, as you would want your child to be treated.

5. If you are available please step up to volunteer to coach or help out.
5. Please let the coach do the coaching.
6. Learn about the game. Ask questions, rent a video and play with your child to learn some of their skills.
7. Celebrate little victories-a good touch or trap, a great defensive play, working as a team all contribute to good soccer.
8. The final score is not the most important part of the game.
9. Exemplify good sportsmanship. The children need to see positive role models.
10. Each season is a new one.
11. Encourage new friendships and realize that your child might not be with the same children or coach each year.

12. Encourage your child as well as other players by being enthusiastic and respectful.
Be supportive of your child; arrive on time to games and practices with the proper equipment, and notify the coach if your child will be absent.

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